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Hi, welcome to the Undiscovered Optimist!  I'm so glad you have stopped by my small piece of the blogging world.  This is the place where I share my quilting experiences, adventures with my family, and my daily journey through anxiety and depression.

That crazy bunch up there is my family in all its chaotic glory!  They are my love and my creative inspiration. They are my greatest accomplishment. As much as I would love to be home with them each and every day, my accounting brain doesn't allow for that.  You will find posts here about our struggles and successes with budgeting, my goals to improve my own life and control my anxiety, and how quilting helps me be the woman I want to be.  

Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!  Please use the links on the sidebar to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin' and Twitter.  And of course you can always email me at undiscoveredoptimist@gmail.com.  

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  1. You are courageous! I appreciate your frankness. I have lived with depression since I was four. I don't talk about it freely. I posted a comment once on Facebook on a post with a saying about depression. To do what you are doing is not only brave, but needed and will help. Thank you for what you do.