Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good enough?

Are you a "good enough" quilter? Or a perfectionist in your piecing?  
I am working on a mostly low volume top that will probably end up in some sort of floating nine-patch.
Happy pile waiting to be pinned
Because I am really pretty new to quilting, I read a lot of quilting world blogs and I adore them.  They are so inspiring with their gorgeous mix of colors and inventive design ideas.  I'm definitely not there yet so I'm just working on the basics of piecing, basting and quilting. But I am in love with the process and get a huge sense of satisfaction as the pieces build and it all starts to come together.  
Perfect Points (sorry about the terrible fuzzy picture!)
How do you get to be that good and quilt such beautiful art?  By putting a lot of hours into the craft!  So my question is: Do you recommend that beginners piece until experience breeds perfection? OR do you recommend that beginners focus on the details, unpick and rework mistakes, and the experience will come?  And how big a mistake warrants getting that handy tool out to pick those stitches?
Pucker in the navy blue too much?

Are those points close enough?

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Joy

One of the things every bride stresses over is her wedding day photographer.  I was so lucky to have found mine in 2008 when Sean and I were married.  Diane of Diane McKinney Photography has an artful eye and a love for families.  Although she has always been a wedding photographer, I nudged her into taking newborn shots of each of my kids as they were born and I am so thrilled she obliged.

In June, I asked Diane to spend some time with my family as I wanted some new photographs that weren't taken from a cell phone ;)  I wanted something fun, light, and playful.  The reality is that when you have three kids under the age of five "portraits" are hard to come by and really just not an accurate reflection of our life. Diane delivered more than I could have asked for as always and I wanted to share a few of my favorites. All pictures are copyright Diane McKinney Photography.